Smart Systems & Building Automation

We develop algorithms, software and hardware for smart home systems

  • Smart System Solutions

    Today, smart systems are becoming more popular due to widespreading of its usage in different areas. This technology gives huge advantages to these areas: energy efficiency, security, remote access and control to devices. We provide remote control of some areas via smart systems. For instance , airconditionings, combi boilers, lighting systems, blinds, doors and Windows can be controlled remotely

  • Building Automation & Wireless Smart Homes

    We offer wireless smart home technologies for your comfort with the help of flooding,gas smoke and heat detectors to prevent leakage, fire or any other negative conditions while you are away from home or when you are in home, Smart systems can start up several systems automatically like lighting, heating/ cooling and security. It could also provide energy efficiency, with the help of preprogrammed scenario during the time of lower energy consumption hours, by activating washing and drying machine at time defined as stand-by mode

Our Other Services;

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