Electronic Circuit Board Design & PCB Production

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  • Electronic Board Design and Production

    We have both technical possibilities and in-house design engineers and technicians with great skill, experience and passion for electronics design & programming, which enable us to offer best electronic circuit board design, pricing and production processes to our customer for their needs. We execute prototype development, mass production, SMD (surface mounting) & TH (Through Hole mounting), fason and material production in accordance with our customer’s requirements. We have the most advanced hardware and production techniques in Turkey for SMD and TH Assembly

  • Electronic Circuit Production and PCB Production Process

    There are several steps for Electronic Circuit Board Design and Production. The algorithm or the board functionality is defined in a detailed way before starting the design process of the electronic circuit board by our skilled and experienced engineers. After this phase, we start the electronic circuit design process and prepare the electronic component list (BOM List). Physical location of selected electronic component and a group of electronic components is connected together in an electronic board, you can create that connectivity by drawing a wire in compliance with the electronic circuit schematic design.

  • PCB Analysis and Test

    During the process of Electronic Circuit Design and the selection of the components, our egineers provide best optimum solutions by considering several parameter such as cost,quality and performance. After this stage, several tests and analysis for design are executed through computer simulations. Thus,we prevent the potential mistakes on the electronic circuit before the mass production.

  • Prototype Production and Preparations for Mass Production

    As designers, we use live prototypes to test and analyze our circuit design in real-life environments and conditions. Doing so allows us to verify as to whether electronic components are working well or not. Function specialities ( algorithm or functionality) are performed well and the necessary electrical security conditions should be ensured. During the process of tests and analysis of the prototype, several problems are prevented before the mass production. In this way, we permanently provide customer satisfactions by guaranteeing the security.

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