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How does the automatic parking system work?

With intelligent robots developed by Stanley Robotics, your vehicle will be parked in empty parking spaces. In this case, the search for parking places will be terminated in the annoying labyrinth parking lots

Stanley Robotics takes your car at the entrance of a parking lot and parks it for you, saving you the time you spent searching for a park. These intelligent robots, given by Stan, are extremely talented and able to work with all kinds of cars.

How does “Intelligent Robots Automatic Parking System” work?

For this process, which may be extremely stable for Stan; First he gets under the car and handcuffs his tires and lifts the car with his hydraulic system. Since you can lift the car completely and move it around you have a chance to leave the car at the entrance without having to wait. Thanks to intelligent sensors on Stan, your car finds a suitable place and when you arrive at the parking lot, the car is lowered and the operation is completed by releasing the handcuffs.

These robots, which could be quite effective in parking lots where there is a lot of car populations such as airports and shopping malls, are already starting to work at Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris

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