Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles

Smart cities, autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more involved in our lives every day.

The technology for wireless charging of electric and hybrid electric vehicles has started to be seen on the market since 2017. The Witricity company has made significant achievements in this field by pioneering the development of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

With the development of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles’ problem of being able to recharge in different areas with the help of cable, living troubles have achieved a significant solution.

Smart City & Autonomous Vehicles Becomes Popular:

In recent years, the popularity of topics such as smart cities and autonomous means has spurred efforts in this area. Especially the charging of electric vehicles in the garages of the houses or in certain parking lots has caused great difficulties, the owners of vehicles using such tools have been having serious troubles about finding a suitable socket for charging and wearing a prize. Thanks to this technology, the charging of electric vehicles, without the necessity of wearing a prize in airports, airports, parking lots or even in houses, has caused such troubles to be overcome.

The Witricity company is working with the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer to cooperate in the dissemination of this technology. In particular, the United States Department of Energy has pioneered the implementation of all necessary tests to make this system more widely available.

How does the “Wireless Charging System” work?

The installation is extremely simple, the charger is mounted by scraping the asphalt or floor in the determined areas of the wireless charger. The other charger kit is mounted by car. Thus, when the electric vehicle-parked vehicle is parked on the charging coil, the car automatically begins to charge the charging unit. The coil can generate energy for vehicles from 400 watts to 3.6 kWatt, even when the charger and the car stand 20 cm apart.

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